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Don’t settle for less than the best in on-line blown film gauging.

bf200 system In today’s competitive marketplace, film manufacturers are under increasing pressure to satisfy the diverse and often conflicting demands of lowering costs, improving productivity, and enhancing environmental friendliness.  Plastic film has allowed manufacturers to meet many of these demands by enabling them to do more with less.  Tight monitoring of the gauge thickness around the film bubble film is key to the success of this process, and that’s where SolveTech’s BF200 System comes in.

Retrofit Gauging onto Your Existing Blown Film Lines with the BF200


Today’s PLC (printing, lamination, and converting) industry requires blown film processors to make high-quality flat films that can be converted at high speeds in large diameter rolls.  Tight gauge control can help ensure good results while providing consistent performance of the film for its many applications in the field – all at significant savings in cost.  The BF200 System uses a proprietary capacitance sensor, a relatively inexpensive option when compared to on-the-bubble gauging, and it is capable of measuring a wide range of polymers accurately.  Unlike on-the-bubble systems, our proprietary capacitance gauging technology can hold calibration for years, delivering an average thickness reading that is precise to 0.01 mils or better.

Control Your Costs


The BF200 System helps improve your bottom line by:


  • Helping you monitor the film during production
  • Identifying adjustments needed to the extruder for timely intervention
  • Overlaying die bolt patterns so you can easily see where to make adjustments
  • Helps you down-gauge to save material where possible
  • Minimizing time lost with speedy product change-over
  • Predicting maintenance issues and cleaning needs
  • Reducing scrap by finding defects quickly
  • Providing traceability and historical data
  • Reducing training costs with easy set-up


Control Your Film Quality


As with all goods and services, quality is a distinguishing factor for plastic film.  Any manufacturer who wishes to build buyer loyalty and maintain price points will be heavily invested in consistently high-quality products.  Achieving a consistent high-quality plastic film requires thickness data generated by gauges, allowing you to observe overall trends, make corrections, and eliminate variability where it occurs.  The BF200 System provides this through superior line monitoring, including:


  • Data tracking every 2 or 3 degrees of rotation
  • Detailed polar plot creation
  • Profile viewing relative to the die bolts
  • Feedback control in certain situations


With advanced gauging and proper data management, you have data on all the material produced which can be analyzed if a quality problem arises.  This traceability can be critical in quickly identifying and resolving the root cause of an issue.


Even More Benefits of the BF200 System


  • The BF200 System costs 75 to 85% less than other film-gauging systems.
  • Its proprietary design provides precise thickness readings
  • The system is completely non-contact,  so it won’t mark the blown film or disturb the bubble
  • Its finely tuned monitoring reduces scrap and improves the quality of your product.
  • The software is easy to learn and increases productivity
  • It generates a positive return on investment due to improved yield, increasing customer confidence in your product and services.
  • The system is designed to run in the field for over 25 years!


As amazing as the BF200 System is, our range of gauging products doesn’t stop there. For over 36 years, SolveTech has manufactured on- and off-line thickness gauging systems for plastic film, as well as many other applications such as ceramic tape and non-woven materials.  Our products utilize our unique and proprietary technology to deliver the most accurate measurement on the market for their applications.  Whether it’s plastic film or your own custom materials, SolveTech will work with you to find the best solution for your gauging needs.


Before purchasing a gauge control system it is vital that a comprehensive understanding of these systems is achieved to ensure a successful solution is delivered. To increase productivity, improve quality, reduce waste, and gain new business using the BF200 Gauging System, contact SolveTech today at 302-798-5400 or email:!

Blown Film Gauging – Retrofit Existing Blown Film Lines with Gauging- Thickness Monitoring

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