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October 23, 2018

October 23rd, 2018 – Wilmington, DE USA – One of plastic film’s most important characteristics is its thickness and thickness variability. Disputes about thickness and thickness variability have been common throughout the industry’s history. Because plastic film thickness is difficult to measure, film buyers have a hard time knowing what they are getting. Contact measurements are often not precise and repeatable enough to give the buyer good information.

Equipment for incoming product inspection, like the PR2000 Profiler can help, but not all film buyers are able to make the investment in advanced measurement equipment.

Measurement standards are in place to help facilitate film buying and selling transactions, especially in cases like this. However, before October 2017, there was no standard for defining plastic film variability.

With the release of ASTM D8136 in October of 2017, there is now an ASTM standard for defining plastic film variability in a standardized way. This is game changing for plastic film buyers because now they can make an apples to apples comparison of different film suppliers.

This allows buyers to select better suppliers for their plastic film. This can have a big impact on converting processes and it can save the suppliers money. More uniform film opens the door to downgauging while maintaining film performance.

For those who buy and convert film, it can be critical that the material is delivered as specified. Measuring using this quality standard can also reduce film rejections and help buyer’s and seller’s form better relationships.

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We can test your film in our facility per ASTM D8136.

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