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polyester film thicknessPolyester film, one of the staples of the plastics industry, solves a wealth of problems for many other industries that depend on plastic film production. Polyester is often made to very high uniformity standards, and it therefore requires highly precise thickness gauges to determine the material’s uniformity.

Packaging companies use polyester film for making the perfect flexible bags, wraps, and laminates. Electrical companies use it for insulating transformers, coating electrical cables, and even as a crucial layer in touch-sensitive surfaces. Imaging companies depend on polyester film for a variety of photographic films, as well as color proofing and making printing plates.

Having reliable systems in place that you can depend on to measure polyester film thickness will be crucial to ensuring success in the plastics industry.

To account for that, we respond to variety with variety of our own: an array of polyester film gauging systems that can be implemented uniquely for your plastics production, no matter your polyester film thickness measurement needs.

Measuring Polyester Film Thickness: the Trick of the Trade

Since the production of polyester film requires precise measurements at every stage, we’ve curated a comprehensive line of gauging systems that cover a range of applications. A few of our units have taken the spotlight in polyester film production:

  • FX2100 Single-Channel Gauging System – the FX2100 is an inspection tool that provides single-spot gauging giving you crucial information on coatings, adhesives, and even the thickness of the polyester film itself.
  • PR2000 Precision Profiler – with the PR2000, you are able to gauge strips of polyester film to ensure that the material is uniform in either the down web or cross web direction.
  • MD2000 Machine Direction Gauging System – the MD2000 performs real-time machine direction analysis while your polyester film is being produced, giving valuable feedback on your machine direction consistency.  This can be critical for optical films.
  • Multichannel Array Gauge – The Multichannel Gauge is capable of high-speed, highly accurate continuous coverage for large webs up to 60 inches in width.  This gauge is an excellent research and development tool and great for high end applications.


Tools for Polyester Film Thickness Gauging that Just Make Sense

Our systems are designed to be uniquely applied to a range of manufacturing needs, so it’s a small wonder that SolveTech has become the standard for many of the top 20 plastics manufacturers in North America alone. Whether you have plain materials, or any variety of custom materials including anti-static, adhesion treated, metal, barrier coated and more, our gauging systems will get you where you need to go.

Rise above the limitations of standard gauges with tools that will measure polyester film thickness while guaranteeing better efficiency, and saving you money! Contact SolveTech today to learn more, or visit our website to see our other measurement products.

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