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Gauging Systems for Plastic Film Converters


Plastic Film Converting Gauging System


SolveTech thickness gauging systems have many applications in the converting market.  Our capacitance based gauging systems can respond at very high speed which is critical in many converting processes.  With response speeds of 0.01 seconds, you can make sure all defects are detected.    

Along with measuring the substrates, the gauging systems can be used to measure adhesives or coating that are applied to plastic film.

Measurement footprint geometry is completely customizable, and our MultiChannel Gauging Systems are especially helpful in narrow web gauging applications.

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The following systems are designed for plastic film converting applications:

On Line Gauging Systems:Plastic Film Converting
Single Channel Gauging System

Affordable, on-line gauge to measure narrow web or along the edge.  It can measure material at high speed and in distinct locations.

MultichannelTM Array Gauge

Fast, accurate, and non-nuclear. Provides 100% continuous coverage on web widths up to 24 inches. The Multichannel can be configured to measure coating thickness by subtracting readings before and after the coating process.


Incoming Materials Testing:
Precision ProfilerTMinspect plastic film

SolveTech’s off-line system will allow you to test your films and analyze suppliers. Simple calibration tools and software make it a “must have” for quality control.





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