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Machine Direction Gauging System


MD Gauging System 1

Down Web Thickness Gauging

This measurement system is dedicated to downweb quality and diagnostics. Monitor and characterize, study and diagnose. Flat out excellence – make it yours.

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SolveTech’s Machine Direction Gauging System utilizes the latest in capacitive measurement head design to provide you with critical measurement data in the down web direction. The information from this system can be used ot make process improvements, provide Machine Direction process monitoring, as well as help in predictive maintenance.

System Includes:
    • CL Series Measurement Head: Provides a thickness reading of the web, in from the edge, past any
      edge effects. The head’s capacitance-based technology means unbeatable speed, unmatched precision and non the worries associated with nuclear gauge technology. Your choice of measurement head give you flexibility in building your system. You can specify head sizes and measurement patterns.
    • Gauge Control Unit: Provides plug-and-play simplicity to the system.
    • FX2100/MD Software Package: Analysis (max/min, mean, standard deviation, histogram), Set-up (menu-driven with Save and Restore for all set-up parameters), and Excel-compatible data files. Computer not included.
    • Associated cables and power cords



Film Extrusion



Machine Direction Gauging | Plastic Film Thickness|  Measure Plastic Film Thickness in the Machine Direction

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