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What Are SolveTech’s Customers Saying About Our Products?

“Advanced technologies continue to move toward miniaturization requiring thinner materials (films) to meet demanding market needs. PolymerPlus is uniquely positioned to deliver high precision nanolayer films as thin as 0.1 mil thick for optical and electronic applications. We needed a gauging solution that could handle our high precision layered films while avoiding issues associated with alternative gauging approaches including optical reflection or x-ray based techniques. We found that solution with SolveTech’s PR2000, and it helped us create market leading thin film solutions”-Mike Ponting, PolymerPlus.

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“I have used the SolveTech profilers on many projects and installed it in several quality labs. It is an outstanding instrument, easy to use and very repeatable.”

Cartsten Franke, Founding Partner at Plastic Film Expert on Demand LLC

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“I had also investigated other suppliers than you, and the result was that your system is the best on the market”

-Karlheinz Gamp, Polymer Chemist

“I worked with SolveTech a lot, in particular with thin polymer films split into narrow adjacent lanes and simultaneously sampled so as to get a three dimensional ideal of web behavior. We utilized customized MultiChannel Array Gauges to do this 3D mapping. The units performed very well and gave us the ability to do things not possible with other technologies. I knew the guy who developed those gauges, Doug Lawrence. He was so bright that working with him was more fun than a barrel of monkeys”- Stephen Mohen, PhD, Senior Plastic Film Research Engineer

“We found SolveTech’s technology is virtually immune to problems related to product changeover. There’s no significant difference in the capacitance transmittance of our various film formulations,” -Jim Johnson, DuPont- discussing the BF200

Blown Film Extrusion
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