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On-Line Gauging

On-Line Gauging for Plastic Film, Nonwovens and More


SolveTech’s proprietary capacitance based technology  provides material producers and converters with the tools they need to be successful.  Our technology has special advantages that make it easy to use, provide accurate and precise results and helps keep plastic film producers’ customers happy and loyal.   SolveTech offers turn key and customized systems to match our customer’s applications.

High Speed Thickness Gauging
blown film gauging
plastic thickness inspection in mid-atlantic

Products for the Production Line

Blown Film Gauge

The BF200 Blown Film Gauge

Get more from your blown film line with the BF200.  This turn-key system easily retrofits to existing blown film lines to provide profile variability monitoring and average thickness control.  Reducing scrap and staying on target with your average thickness delivers and excellent ROI and improves quality.

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High Speed Thickness Gauging

The MultiChannel Array Gauge

This product is exclusive to SolveTech and the top of the market for measuring narrow webs (Under 60″ Wide).  Instead of scanning the web, it creates a complete 3D map.  Excellent for R&D, medical applications, nonwovens, and high end film extrusion processes.

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Machine direction thickness gauge

Single Channel Gauging

SolveTech can customize a system to match your needs.  Throat depths of up to 30 inches are possible with custom measurement footprint sizes.  If you material if flat and non-conductive, we can likely measure it!  Great for plastic film, nonwovens, coatings and more.  Can be used on webs as narrow as 1″ wide.

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Machine Direction Gauging System

Measure your film extrusion process stability with the fastest and most precise machine direction gauging system on the market.  Live FFT analysis is an excellent diagnostic tool for determining the cause of machine direction variation.

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