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August 8, 2018

8/8/2018- Wilmington, DE, USA – SolveTech is happy to announce we now have a new testing and demonstration facility that our customer’s can visit located in Wilmington, Delaware, USA.  Bring your samples and try before you buy!

We have the following SolveTech equipment in the facility:

– A PR2000 Precision Profiler

– A BF202/BF200 Blown Film Gauge

– A MultiChannel Array Gauge

– A Machine Direction Gauge

– An SC1000 SpotChecker

Along with this, we are able to test plastic film density with a gas pycnometer, and have areas for cutting samples.  This facility allows customers to get hands on with the equipment before purchasing it.  Customer can also send samples for testing to the lab.


Testing and Demonstration Facility

501 Silverside Rd

Wilmington, DE 19809

plastic film testing


We have had a positive response to the facility, and we look forward to expanding the facility in the future.


SolveTech, Inc. – 2018

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