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What Makes SolveTech Unique

What Makes SolveTech Unique?


You may be wondering what makes SolveTech different from all of the available technologies and companies on the market.  Here are the main differences between us and everyone else:

  1. The answer starts with a proprietary capacitance-based thickness sensor.  This is SolveTech’s sole focus and it has been honed over 36 years.  No one else in the world offers this same technology and it offers some unique advantages:
    • Highly Precise
    • Highly Stable
    • Linear Response
    • Safe/Non-hazardous
    • Not Sensitive To Optical Properties
    • Used to write the most precise and accurate ASTM standard for measuring plastic film (D8136)
  2. Longest continuously held US Gauging company (36 years).
  3. Designed and built the world’s first parallel plate capacitance gauge.
  4. Family owned and operated- Made in the USA


These factors, combined with excellent customer service, easy to use products, and strong attention to every detail make SolveTech a leader in it’s field.  Test our technology, work with us and you will see the difference!



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