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MultichannelTM Array Gauge Thickness Gauging System

MultichannelTM Array Gauge

Proprietary, High Performance, On-Line Cast Film Gauging

Video Demonstration

The MultiChannel™ Array Gauge from SolveTech is used to measure the thickness of plastic film and other nonconductive materials on the production line.  It accurately delivers a cast film’s cross web profile, with high precision and in real time.  Unlike a typical scanning gauge, the MultiChannel™ has multiple measurement sensing zones that cover the cast film web continuously.

Measure Thin Plastic Film On Line
Dual MutliChannel Heads on a Plastic Film Web

The result is a unique offering to the market that has made it the highest performance unit for webs under 60 inches wide.

Brochure: MultiChannel 2016



Real-Time 3D Web Views

Plastic Film Thickness

The Multichannel™ Array Gauge provides multiple fixed points across the web. The measurement areas are usually contiguous and provide complete coverage with no scanning. The high frequency response allows complete data on your web.

Plastic Film Thickness Gauge
Real Time 3D Mapping

Our dielectric-based technology means fast, accurate measurements without the environmental or regulatory concerns associated with nuclear gauges.

Fast Data Collection

The Multichannel™ Array Gauge provides extremely fast response, allowing it to sense even brief, transient web variations. Having an array of channels make true profile and product mapping available for the first time.

Accurate and Reliable

Quick response features combined with proprietary Measurement Head design allow the Multichannel™ Array Gauge to provide 100% continuous coverage of your cast film web with excellent accuracy. Accuracies typically range between 0.1% and 1%, depending on the application.  Precision better than 0.1 microns can be achieved.


Thin Film Thickness Gauge
Multiple Channels Laid Out in the Cross Web Direction

The Multichannel™ Array Gauge employs a “C” frame design that can measure web widths up to 60″ using two heads.  Array elements are contiguous, thereby providing total coverage.

Scanning Gauge vs. MultiChannel

Features Include:

    • Non-scanning, 100% continuous coverage
    • Multiple contiguous zones within one unit
    • Non-contact
    • No moving parts
    • C-Frame head styles up to 30″
    • Easy to read display
    • Software package for process set-up, monitoring, trouble-shooting/studies, and QC
    • Menu-driven setup
    • Rear panel analog output

System Includes:

    • Model CLC Series non-contact, nuclear-free Measurement Head
    • Gauge Control Unit
    • MC5600-PC Software package
    • Associated power cord and cables


MC5600 Applications


  • Research and Development for Plastic Film – Loved by researchers because they are able to get an extraordinary amount of data about their process quickly.  The bar graph mode also allows them to get their lines adjusted quickly which is critical on short production runs.
  • Narrow Web Cast Film Lines (<60″ /1.5 meters)– Due to the nature of the technology, the systems are applicable on lines up to 60 inches wide.  Since the technology does not scan, and it does not have trouble measuring near the edges of materials, the technology works very well on narrow applications.
  • Plastic Film Pilot Lines
  • Medical Film Lines – The medical industry has demanding requirements, and the continuous coverage insures every area of the film is inspected and monitored.
  • Measuring Coatings on Film
  • Nonwovens and Coated Nonwovens
  • Plastic Sheet Lines with Sheet Under 50 mils Thick


Have an application you would like to discuss?  Contact us here.  We can perform tests on your material samples to determine if MultiChannel technology is a good fit for your application.



SolveTech, Inc. – 2017

The MultichannelTM Advantage
Downweb vs. Crossweb With non-scanning systems, it is possible to get a true profile of your product.  Fancy algorithms are not needed to separate downweb from crossweb variations
Full Coverage The full coverage allows you and your customers to have a complete quality picture on every roll.
High Speed of Measurement Response With an array gauge, speed is limited only by sensor response – which means that you can have speeds that are thousands of times faster than ever before.
Improved Monitoring and Diagnostics A natural consequence of improved frequency response and full coverage is improved monitoring and diagnostics.  High speed analysis of product and process are now possible.
Improved Process Control With a non-scanning system, channels can be placed on 1 inch centers and give continuous feedback.
Fewer Moving Parts In scanning systems, the scanning frame itself constitutes a major portion of the system.  Associated problems, such as alignment and wear, are eliminated with non-scanning systems.  Result:  improved reliability and lower maintenance costs.
Underlying Technology Capacitive measurement is based on the dielectric response of your material.  Along with eliminating the regulatory difficulties that arise with nuclear gauging, this technology provides a variety of other benefits that makes the MultichannelTM concept possible.
Research and Development The many new capabilities created by this technology are an important asset to those involved in innovative process and product development.

Note: All MultiChannel Array Gauges are custom built, so the the technical specs are subject to change based on the gauge design.

Technical Specifications: The MC5600

MC56000 System Overview


Thickness Gauging System



SolveTech, Inc. – 2017

MC5600 Videos

Here is a 24 Channel MultiChannel operating on a cast film line:



The video below shows a MultiChannel with 24 different channels measuring to 0.1 microns/0.004 mils.  The level of precision is incredible!


Live Demonstration of Film Moving Through a MultiChannel

A Ten Channel MC5600 Running on a Sheet Line





SolveTech, Inc. – 2017

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