The alternative to profiling is an inexpensive pair of calipers, and many producers use this solution. It is simple and low tech, and it does not require much capital investment. However, most of the world’s top producers have adopted using profiler technology, but the question is “Why?”.

These are some common reasons:

How do producers use the profiler?

Since plastic film is produced from an extruded die, there can be variation in the cross web or machine direction. Many producers want to know their variation and control it to the best of their ability. The profiler helps them see the quality of the material they are producing. Defects and higher than expected variability can cause material weakness and problems in converting and sealing.

A sample strip is taken and run through the profiler, and now they have a clear picture of what is going on.

So how do producers use the information to their benefit?

There are many different scenarios in which profilers are used:


What is the typical Return On Investment (ROI)?

Some of the benefits the PR2000 are not easily quantifiable, but it can be easy to see that often the ROI is under six months. These are some of the ways the PR2000 can help a producer save and make more money.


In summary, the profiler is an upfront capital investment, but it can pay big dividends for producers.  We offer free sample testing and rentals for qualified customers.  SolveTech’s PR2000 is the premier profiler on the market, and we are happy to show you why.


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