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Measuring Medical/Specialty Film Thickness

Thickness Gauging for Medical and Specialty Films


SolveTech thickness gauging systems can be utilized for measuring thickness of films used in medical and pharmaceutical applications.  Our high end technology is matched well for this demanding marketplace.  We can measure many of the components that go into transdermal patch manufacturing including the backing, membranes, and we can also be used to detect coating thickness under the right conditions.


  • Specialty Medical Films
  • Transdermal Coatings on Film
  • Medical Nonwovens
  • Medical Coatings on Paper
  • Medical Packaging Inspection

You can see some of our thickness gauging products below and please contact us at for more information.


medical packaging inspection
Products for Off-Line Testing:

Precision ProfilerTM

SolveTech’s amazing accuracy and precision – guaranteed the best on the market. Simple calibration tools an software make it a “must have” for quality control.  Great for inspecting incoming packaging material, and for checking the results of the material you are producing on your production line.


Products for On-Line Production Gauging:

Single/Dual Channel Gauging System

An affordable, on-line gauge to measure along the edges of your web for your medical film. Unique measurement footprints with large areas are available.
Narrow Web (less than 60 inches):

MultichannelTM Array Gaugemedical film inspection

The Multichannel is fast, accurate, and non-nuclear. Provides 100% continuous coverage on web widths up to 60 inches.  This on line gauge offers coverage and performance for your production line unlike any other product on the market.


We look forward to discussing your medical film thickness gauging application.  SolveTech’s gauging solutions are uniquely suited to deliver the highest level or
performance and coverage that the medical market demands.


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