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Precision Profiler Thickness Gauging System

The Market Leading Off-Line Thickness Profiler

Thickness Gauging For Plastic Film and Other Non-Conductive Materials


The Thickness Gauge That is Setting the Standard


The PR2000 Precision Profiler profiles the thickness of a strip of a non-conductive material such as a plastic film or a nonwoven.  These thickness profiles can determine cross web and down web (transverse direction and machine direction) thickness variability for the material, and are now the standard for defining the variability of plastic film.

It is commonly used for quality control in the plastic film industry to characterize the thickness and thickness variability of plastic film.  It can also be used in the production environment to make adjustments to the extruder.

Key Features


Welcome To A New Era of Profile Measurement


– Guaranteed highest levels of precision and accuracy
– Guaranteed to hold calibration
– Important features, including %Plus™  and SpotPlot™
– Goes beyond beta gauge technology
– Your gateway to unlimited process and product analysis for plastic film production

Plastic Film Thickness Profile of a Thin Film
Thickness Profile Generated by the PR2000


Special Features


%Plus™  mode provides a simple way to characterize your material with no calibration set up requirement. The SpotPlot™  mode turns your Precision Profiler™  into a non-contact digital micrometer, with full computational and computer support. The Run Feature includes Auto-Stop and Auto-Exclude for seams and splices when checking finished product. The software runs on standard Windows operating systems. Cut and paste your data in to other applications, or print out screens and reports for your customers – or for your own analysis. Data may also be exported directly to Excel spreadsheets.

The unit includes many special features for the blown film, cast film and biaxial oriented film (BOPP, BOPE) markets.




The PR2000 is not just limited to measuring thin films.  It can measure the thickness of thick and rigid materials using custom measurement heads.  Heads can be used to measure sheet as thick as 0.2 inches/5 mm


The Precison Profiler System Includes:


    • Precision Profiler™  gauge system with motorized nip/roll, Measurement head assembly (with SolveTech’s proprietary, non-contact, dielectric measurement technology).
    • PR2000-PC System Software for Windows
    • Foot switch, film stabilizer, and associated power cord and cable


An Investment In Quality with a Fast ROI


We know quality matters to you, and  The Precision Profiler™  lets you see the quality of your process like never before.  It gives you an advantage by showing you where you need to make adjustments in your process, and analyzing your material for variability.  It measures the sample every 0.125″ and creates a complete profile of the material’s thickness.   It can help you reduce your scrap and help your quality assurance team prevent out of spec product from reaching your customers.

If you are a purchaser of material, you can also use the PR2000 for incoming product inspection of plastic films and packaging materials.  Many of our customers use our product to find quality defects in plastic films before they ever become an issue.


The Must Have High Precision Quality Control Tool



    • Analyze the cross-web profile for each roll produced
    • Print out thickness profile and QC reports
    • Document and archive roll samples for customer assurance
    • Troubleshoot customer complaints
    • Analyze a blown film bubble and adjust the extruders


A Production Support Tool Built for the Production Floor

    • Sturdy design – use in the lab or on the production floor
    • Check profile set-ups (includes die bolt mapping)
    • Reduce troubleshooting time
    • Easy-to-use software provides useful product data
    • Resistant to dirt/contamination affecting the measurement


Plastic Film Thickness Gauge


Analyze Blown Film

PR2000 Applications


  • Quality Assurance for Plastic Film Producers – Quickly and easily profile a sample off of the end of a roll to determine if it meets your quality specifications on thickness and variability.
  • Production Assistance for Plastic Film Producers – Since it is ruggedly built and resistant to dust and dirt, it can be put out on the production floor to assist your plastic film extrusion team.  Special software features allow you to overlay die bolt patterns.  Helps the operators make adjustments to the die, determine is a die is dirty, and it speeds change over times.
  • Incoming Product Inspection for Plastic Film Buyers/Converters – After receiving a roll of film, quickly and easily profile a sample off of the end of a roll to determine if it meets your quality specifications on thickness and variability.  Save big headaches from using or converting out of spec material or material containing defects.
  • Plastic Film Research and Testing Laboratories– Frequently used by polmer producers in their test labs, and the top film companies in the world to do detailed analysis of their extrusions.
  • Nonwoven Uniformity Inspection–  Profile a strip of nonwoven material to make sure it meets your variability requirements.
  • Paper Uniformity Inspection– Profile a strip of paper to make sure it meets your variability requirements.


If you are unsure about your application, SolveTech offers sample testing to determine if your application is a good fit for our measurement technology.  Contact us here to discuss your gauging application with our experts.


How It Works

PR2000 Repeatability Demonstration

The PR2000 Running Plastic Sheet
The PR2000 Compliance with ASTM D8136

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    Advanced Data Management


    Measuring the thickness of plastic film is just the first step.  The next question is what do you do with the data?  We have advanced data management features that can help you harness the power of the data you are collecting.

    Plastic Film Thickness Gauge
    Export the data automatically with the PR2000 Software

    This can aid your continuous improvement efforts because you can compare line to line, plant to plant using an ASTM standard to define plastic film variability.

    To learn more, contact us at  We offer sample testing on this unit to prove the thickness gauge’s performance.


    You can see our full line of off-line and on-line thickness gauging products here.



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