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Request a Sample Thickness Analysis on Your Material


We will measure your material per ASTM Standard D8136.  This allows you to see the performance of the PR2000 or our other equipment on your material.  If requested, we will also provide you with a video of the test.

Please fill out the form below to get started, or email us at or call 302-798-5400.


Click Here to See an Example Sample Test Report


Our test reports will describe the device, your samples, the calibration procedure and the performance of the instrument on your material.

plastic film testing
SolveTech’s Testing Lab in Wilmington, DE

For a sample analysis report like the one in the link above, please send your sample to:


SolveTech, Inc.
1711 Philadelphia Pike
Wilmington, DE 19809


  • Cut sample material at least 3.5” wide off the end of a roll.
  • Please mark sample(s) with a reference ID number. A permanent marker works fine.
  • When packaging for shipment, make sure that material is protected from getting crushed or creased.

We will run your sample in our PR2000 and produce a thickness profile like the one shown below.  We will also create a video of us running your material.


PR2000 Screenshot
PR2000 Plastic Thickness Profile


Our analysis of your sample will allow you to see a thickness profile across the strip of material.  Any non-conductive material can be tested.  Contact us today to discuss your needs at




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