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Nonwoven Gauging Systems

Nonwoven Gauging

Measure nonwovens on and off line with the highest level of precision on the market.


 Speaking at INDA

SolveTech provides unique thickness and basis weight gauges to the nonwoven market.

Our proprietary technology is specially suited for measuring nonwoven material due to its unique design characteristics.  We can measure materials both in the lab or live on the production line.

Due to the rough and nonuniform nature of nonwovens, our technology takes an average over a given area specified by the customer.

 This greatly reduces noise in the reading and delivers the information you really need.  It is like having a cut and weigh operation live on your line!

You can see our presentation from INDA’s RISE 2016 Conference here: Nonwoven Conference Presentation

Great for measuring any non-conductive nonwoven material such as diaper material, fiberglass, cloth, bandages, and fabric and showing material uniformity.  Our systems also excel at measuring foam uniformity or porous materials like membranes.  Additionally, we can measure non-conductive coatings and adhesives on nonwoven materials.

Contact us to discuss your application and for a free sample evaluation.

The following gauging systems are available for Nonwoven applications:


Off-Line Testing:

Precision ProfilerTMIMG_0564

The Precision Profiler allows you to measure uniformity of cross web or down web strips of material for quality testing and process studies. This unit is targeted for materials that are less than 0.1 inches thick.  The device averages the measurement over a given area which helps to eliminate noise while still providing high resolution.

Nonwoven Basis Weight


On-Line Production Gauging:

Single/Dual Channel Gauging SystemIMG_0561

Affordable on-line gauge to measure along the edges of your web without contacting the material. Unique measurement footprints with large areas are available.  These units can be customized to meet the needs of your application.



MultiChannel Array GaugeMeasure Plastic Film Thickness

The MultiChannel Array Gauge can be used to continuously monitor nonwoven webs on the production line.  Great for a quick and easy reading of the nonwoven cross web profile as well as down web behavior.



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