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PR2000 Additional Information

Looking to Learn More about SolveTech’s PR2000?


The PR2000 has many great features that make it a highly precise and versatile instrument.  On this page, we will go into detail, highlighting the technical performance of the unit.

This video shows the precision of the instrument, which is 0.001 mils/0.025 micron and the “pass line” performance.  This means you can be at the top or bottom of the measurement gap, and it doesn’t affect the reading.


Measure Plastic Sheet

SolveTech technology is also linear to 0.1%.  Why is this important?  Few non contacting systems can make this claim because their response to changes in material thickness are non linear which introduces bias into the reading.  This means you don’t need a different calibration recipe for each material thickness, and it makes operating the equipment must simpler.

The video below shows a demonstration of the linearity in action.


Dirt can be a real challenge when it comes to high precision measurements.  Plastic film product can generate dust particles, and these can really have a bad affect for a contacting thickness gauge.  The PR2000 handles dirt incredibly well.  While still seeing a small affect, it is shown that the impact is greatly reduced.


Dirt in the PR2000

Contact us to learn more.  We offer free sample testing and live web demonstrations of the unit.




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