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Plastic Film Gauging Applications

Plastic Film Applications


SolveTech primarily focuses on measuring plastic film, and it is the core industry we serve.  Our technology is especially well suited for film applications, and we have been serving the plastic film industry for over 37 years with hundreds of installations.  It fully complies with  ASTM D8136, the non-contact standard for measuring plastic film thickness.

We utilize our proprietary technology in innovative ways to help plastic film producers and converters produce high quality films and coatings, win and retain great customers and save them money.

Our application areas in plastic film include blown film, cast film, biax film, coatings on films,  medical films and tools for film converters.

Polyester Film Thickness

Blown Film

blown film gauging

Blown Film Gauging

SolveTech serves blown film producers in the lab and on the production line.  Our off-line thickness gauge allows you to quickly scan bubble in the transverse direction as well as in the machine direction.  Our on-line system easily retrofits to your existing blown film line and shows you the shape of your bubble as well as controls average thickness.

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Cast Film

Cast Film Applications

Off-line, our thickness gauge can profile your cast film web in both the cross web and down web direction.  Collect data with your QA process and compile and use this data for your continuous improvement efforts.

On-line, we specalize in 3D mapping of cast film webs under 60 inches wide.  Additionally, we measure the process stability of cast film webs  of any size.

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Biax Film

Film testing being performed

Biaxially Oriented Film (Biax, BOPET, BOPP)

SolveTech provides off-line and on-line solutions for biax film.  Our off-line Profiler has a spooling feature that is very popular with our biax customers.  Biax film is typically made in very wide webs and the spooling feature allows our customers to run long samples quickly and easily.  On-line, we focus on measuring behavior in the machine direction.  Since biax is stretched in the machine direction, it is important to measure how uniformly the material is stretched in that direction.  Our special tools have been successfully used by biax producers for many years.

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Measure Extrusion Process Stability

Machine Direction Gauging Systems

SolveTech has innovative tools to help with machine direction analysis, and can look at the process stability of a film line with better clarity than anything else on the market.  Improving machine direction uniformity helps improve transverse direction uniformity and this can help you make very flat film.  Measurements are fast and precise to meet the demands of this application.

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Coatings on Films

Measuring Coatings on Plastic Films

SolveTech has many installations measuring coatings and adhesives on plastic films.   We look at the ratio of the material variability to the coating thickness, and determine the best solution for the application.

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Plastic Film Converters

Machine direction thickness gauge

Tools for Plastic Film Converters

SolveTech has tools to help converters with incoming product inspection of the raw films, roll inspection, and measuring different converting processes.  See how we have helped converters monitor their processes and select the best suppliers.

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Medical Films

High Speed Thickness Gauging

Measuring Medical Films

SolveTech has solutions that are well suited for medical film applications.  Medical applications are typically narrow web, and they want the best measurement technology available with the most coverage.  Off-line, we measure plastic film to the highest standard, ASTM D8136.  On-line, we have the MultiChannel array gauge.  It is well suited for narrow web applications and offers more coverage than any other system on the market, delivering a complete 3D map of the web.

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Plastic Film R&D

Plastic Film Testing

Plastic Film Research and Development

Plastic film researchers turn to SolveTech to help them improve their production lines and to equipment their R&D labs.  Our specialty equipment helps researchers get their lines set up quickly and easily, and lets researchers see things they never could otherwise.

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Roll Inspection

High Speed Thickness Gauging

Inspecting a Film Roll

Looking to inspect the thickness of a film roll?  We offer devices to measure one area on the film or 3D map the entire roll.  High speed measurements are possible, and we can offer more coverage than any other thickness gauging system on the market.

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 Have a plastic film application you don’t see here?


It is possible that SolveTech can customize a system to meet the requirements of your application.

Contact us here or call us at 302-798-5400 to discuss your application, and we can see if we may be able to help you!

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