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Thickness Gauging ApplicationsSolveTech offers thickness gauges for many types of non-conductive materials such as film and sheet extrusion applications.  SolveTech’s main focus is in the plastic film industry because of how thin plastic film is and the demanding requirements requiring the best tools.  New ASTM Standard D8136 for measuring the thickness of plastic film is based on SolveTech’s technology.   All of our applications are for measuring the thickness or weight per unit area of a non-conductive material. Select one from the list below to find out more.


Applications for SolveTech’s Technology include:


Thickness Gauging Applications


Thickness Gauging


SolveTech’s capacitance-based technology has a unique combination of high precision and easy of use.  It has no X-ray or or nuclear radiation and the majority of the plastic film producers and polymer producers in the USA use SolveTech’s technology.  It is not a fit for conductive applications such as metals or materials with high moisture content.

Machine direction thickness gauge
SolveTech Single Channel Gauge Measuring Plastic Film


You can see all of our thickness gauging products here.   We offer both on-line and off-line thickness gauges and have 100’s of active installations.

Don’t see your thickness gauging application?

Contact us regarding your measurement goals at or on our contact page.  Our engineers will have a technical discussion with you about your material, and if it is a possible fit, we will do a free sample test to see how the technology performs on your material.  You will receive a sample testing report and a video of the testing.

Click on “General/Other” to find out if your application fits with our technology. We make many custom gauging solutions for our customers, and we can also develop specialty sensors based on our technology. We are also often used for incoming inspection of packaging material for people who purchase materials from these markets.



Thickness Gauging Applications – Measure Plastic Film  – Thickness Gauging for Plastic Film

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