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Precision SpotChecker

Precision SpotChecker™

High Precision Non-Contact Thickness Gauging for Ceramic Tape

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Noncontact thickness gauge

The SC1000 measures the thickness and basis weight of ceramic tape and some non-conductive materials such as nonwovens.

This non-contact micrometer utilizes SolveTech’s proprietary capacitance based technology.   It has market leading precision, much higher than a contact measurement, and it is great for materials that are easily damaged or deform when touched.

Key Features Include:

  • Repeatably Precise to +/- 0.004 mils/0.1 micron
  • Easy to Operate
  • Reliable and Repeatable
  • Records Data with the Click of a Foot Pedal
  • Easily Exports Data to Excel
  • NIST Traceable Calibration
  • Dust and Dirt Have Minimal Impact
  • Meets/Exceeds ASTM Standard D 6988

Great for the quality lab or the production floor for quickly measuring your material.

Non Contact Micrometer



Non Contact Micrometers
SC1000 Precision SpotChecker
Common Applications for the SC1000

The SC1000 is designed to measure materials that are difficult to handle.   If the material compresses or tears when touched, the SC1000 is a great solution.


Applications Include:Measure Ceramic Tape

  • Ceramic Tape
  • Nonwoven Materials
  • Compressible Materials
  • Materials with Adhesive
  • Noncondutive Materials


Note, for plastic film applications, we typically recommend our PR2000 Precision Profiler.  The Profiler has a SpotPlot mode and can be used as digital micrometer similar to the SpotChecker.


ASTM Standards: D8136D6988

See the Technical Data Sheet Here: Technical Specs- The SC1000


Non-Contact Micrometer Tech Specs


Non-Contact Micrometer Dimensions

Measuring Film with Adhesive






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    To learn more, contact us at  We offer sample testing on this unit to prove the thickness gauge’s performance.   We can quickly determine whether or not your application is a good fit for the SC1000.


    You can see our full line of off-line and on-line thickness gauging products here.



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