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Customer Resources

Welcome to SolveTech’s Customer Resources Page!


This page is dedicated to providing our customers with resources on our site they may find helpful.  Many items very relevant to our plastic film producers, as well as those who are purchasing plastic film.


Our Buyer’s Guide

This article outlines the questions you should ask when selecting a thickness gauging system.  Are you asking yourself these seven key questions?

How to Select A Thickness Gauge

Our Gauge by Weight Calculator

This online calculator allows you to calculate the average thickness of your plastic film.  This is often called calculating the gauge by weight.

Calculate Film Thickness

Plastic Film Industry Consultants

Looking for help with your plastic film process?  These independent experts can help you with any questions you may have regarding many different process issues.  Contact us today at or 302-798-5400.

See Our List Here

See How SolveTech Thickness Gauging Technology Works

See the operating principles behind our capacitance based gauging technology.  Our market leading technology comes from 34 years of refinement.

See How It Works

Sample Thickness and Density Testing

SolveTech offers sample density and thickness analysis to our customers.  Send us a sample and we will give you the thickness profile, typically with an accuracy of 0.001 Mils taken every 0.125″.

Send Us Samples For Evaluation

How To Measure Plastic Film

This article offers a general overview of the different methods for measuring plastic film.

How To Measure Plastic Film

The Impact of Thickness Gauging for a Blown Film Plant

This article discusses the impact thickness gauging technology can have for a blown film plant.  Benefits include quality improvements and preventative maintenance.

The Impact of Thickness Gauging
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