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Off-Line Thickness Gauging

Off-Line Gauging for the QA Lab and Production Floor


SolveTech’s has been helping instrumental in helping QA labs and plastic film production floors for decades.  Our standard off-line product option fully comply with ASTM standards D8136 and D6988, and have R&R’s that are typically around 3%.

The technology does not contain any nuclear or x-ray hazards and is therefore safe for the operator to use.

SolveTech’s proprietary capacitance based technology  provides QA managers with the tools they need to take pride in everything they ship out the door.  Our technology helps keep plastic film producers’ customers happy and loyal.   SolveTech offers two standard lab products as well as custom options.

  • Off-Line Thickness Profiling
    • Our top selling lab product
    • The profiler allows you to see the thickness and variability of your film extrusion
    • Create QA reports for your customers and historical records per ASTM D8136 and D6988
  • Spot Checking a Material
    • Used in less common situations.  Mainly for ceramic materials.
  • Custom Thickness Gauging
    • Due to the nature of our technology, we can customize solutions to match the demands of your application.
Plastic Film Testing
Non-Contact Thickness Gauge

Products for the Lab

ASTM D6988

The PR2000 Precision Profiler

Profile a strip of film to see the uniformity of the material in the cross web or down web direction.  This unit delivers the highest level of accuracy and repeatability on the market.  You can see how your extrusion is performing in great detail to see the affect of small incremental improvements.  Great for blown film and cast film lines.

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Non Contact Micrometer

The SC1000 SpotChecker

Developed for the ceramic tape market, The SC1000 is great for inspecting a sheet of material.  Simply place the material under the gauge head and get a reading of thickness or basis weight.  This the preferred method for materials that may have adhesive or that are very delicate.

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Machine direction thickness gauge

Custom Off-Line Gauging

SolveTech can customize a system to match your needs.  Throat depths of up to 30 inches are possible with custom measurement footprint sizes.  If you material if flat and non-conductive, we can likely measure it!

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Contact us here, or call 1-302-798-5400 to have a technical discussion regarding your off-line thickness gauging application.  Our engineers can help determine the product that is the right fit for your gauging application.


You can see our full line of off-line and on-line thickness gauging products here.

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