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Roll Inspection

Thickness Gauges for Inspecting a Roll of Plastic Film


Plastic Film Roll InspectionAre you looking to inspect a roll of plastic film or a label going onto a product?  SolveTech has a unique gauging technology that can detect material thickness at high speed.  Our FX2100 and MultiChannel Array Gauge can inspect the thickness of film on a roll in real time on a rewind stand.

Roll Inspection










SolveTech offers the only technology on the market that can give you full coverage of your roll in real time.

Roll Inspection for Plastic Film
Collect Thickness Data in Real Time with 100% Coverage- No Scanning


The PR2000 can be used to inspect a sample off of a roll in the lab.  It delivers an accurate and reliable thickness profile in the cross web or machine direction.  You can quickly and easily check the quality of the plastic film you are working with.


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