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Alternative to Nuclear Gauging

A Safe Alternative to Nuclear and X-Ray Gauges


Are you looking for an alternative to nuclear or X-ray thickness or basis weight gauging?  Contact us to discuss your application.  SolveTech’s proprietary capacitance based gauging systems are a great potential solution.  They can be used for any application on a non conductive material such as plastics, ceramic tape, and nonwoven materials.

They are safe to operate, have no environmental concerns, and typically offer superior performance when compared to a gamma, beta or x-ray gauging systems.


Alternative to Nuclear GaugingNuclear gauges can have demanding environmental and safety regulations associated with them.  These regulations can be difficult to accommodate, and there could be an exposure risk to the operator in some circumstances.

Capacitance thickness gauging is a much greener option, and it typically has better performance as well.

SolveTech gauges cannot be used in every application, but there are many cases where SolveTech technology can be substituted.  Contact us to discuss your application with our engineers.

Visit our Products Page to learn more about our alternative to nuclear thickness gauging technology, or contact us at

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