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World Class API Coating Thickness Technology

Measure API Coatings on Plastic Film and Other Substrates


Do you need precise thickness gauging measurements for measuring active pharmaceutical ingredients on your plastic film or other non-conductive materials? Do you need on-line or off-line lab products to measure your materials?  Contact us to discuss your application or learn more about our applications in the medical industry here.

SolveTech has the right technology to deliver accurate results.  Choose from a wide array of great products and applications to determine your API Coating Thickness. For over 35 years,  SolveTech has manufactured on and off line thickness gauging systems for plastic film and many other applications, so you know you are in good hands.  We have frequently measured coatings on these substrates, and our technology can be used to measure transdermal coatings which are delivered in adhesives.

Measure transdermal coatingsSolveTech is a veteran-owned business located in Wilmington, DE with over three decades of experience, leading the way in capacitance gauging technology. Our customers are our top priority, and we have become known as the standard for the world’s top producers of plastics and coatings.

The Benefits of SolveTech for Measuring your API Coating Thickness

SolveTech has been setting industry standards since 1981. We have cornered the market in capacitance gauging technology and our products like our PR2000 Precisions Profiler and our MultiChannel On-Line Gauging System to measure your film before and after it is coated.  The MultiChannel offers continuous coverage of the entire web so you can have confidence in all of the material produced.


In the lab, our software adds an advantage with the PR2000 because it enables you to see the quality of your process allowing you to make adjustments and see the variability in the product. Unique benefits of the PR2000:


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