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Blown Film Quality Control

Good quality control tools make all the difference in producing blown film


SolveTech offers quality control tools specifically designed for the blown film market.   The technology is highly precise,repeatable, and does not contain any nuclear or x-ray hazards.

SolveTech is a market leader of gauging systems, supplying to blown film producers, converters and purchasers.  Having a tight control on quality sets SolveTech customers apart in the marketplace and helps reduce waste.

SolveTech offers both on line and off line systems for measuring the thickness profile of blown film.  Both systems are guaranteed to be the most accurate and repeatable devices on the market.

These systems profile the thickness of the film to show average film thickness and film variability quickly and easily.  This saves time, helps you get on a target more quickly thus reducing scrap, and reduces customer rejection of material.

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Products for the Lab

The PR2000 Precision Profiler

The PR2000 is commonly used in the lab, but is built tough enough to be out on the production floor.  This unit is a work horse that delivers the highest level of accuracy and repeatability on the market.

Simply cut a sample of your bubble, and the PR2000 will deliver a highly detailed thickness profile of your bubble.  Helps you determine thickness variability, detect die lines, and the average thickness of your product.

Utilizes a NIST traceable calibration to deliver market leading accuracy even on difficult to calibrate films.

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Products For The Production Line

Blown Film Extrusion

The BF200 On Line Blown Film Gauging System

The BF200 mounts to your line after the lay-flat.  It works best with lines that have rotation/oscillation in the die or haul off.  Accurate to 0.01 mils/0.25 microns and is extremely calibration stable.

Due to this market leading calibration stability, it can be used to control average thickness as well as monitor the bubble profile.  Its like having a gravimetric system and a variability gauge in one, delivering unprecedented value to the user.

Easily retrofits to existing blown film lines.

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Contact us today to have a technical discussion regarding your blown film quality control needs.  Our friendly technical experts will offer advice as to the best fit for your individual situation.





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