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Blown Film Extrusion

Blown Film Extrusion Quality Control Systems

Top Performing On-Line and Off-Line Blown Film Gauging Systems

During the blown film extrusion process, there are several times film thickness inconsistencies and errors can cause major problems for your operation. From inconsistency in thickness caused by plate corrosion to human error, lack of consistency in your finished blown film extrusion process can cost you time, money and customers.

Blown Film Extrusion

SolveTech, the leader in non-contact gauging systems, has been developing tools for thickness, profile and basis weight measurement of blown film extrusion products for over 30 years.

 Learn more about the impact of thickness gauging for a blown film plant here.

Blown Film Applications

Blown film, also known as tubular extrusion, produces tubular film. The film width is controlled by the volume of the air in the bubble, the output and the speed of the haul-off process. Blown film does not have a seam or a bead trim edge, so it often results in the most uniform end product. There are several applications including:

  • Industry packaging—shrink film, stretch film, bag film or container liners
  • Consumer packaging—packing film for frozen products, shrink film for transport packaging, food wrap film, packaging bags
  • Laminating film—laminating of aluminium or paper used for packaging for example milk or coffee
  • Barrier film—film made of raw materials such as polyamides and EVOG acting as an aroma or oxygen barrier used for packaging food
  • Films for the packaging of medical products
  • Agricultural film


Tools for Measuring Blown Film Thickness and Variability

Blown Film Extrusion
BF200 On Line Gauging System

SolveTech has developed several tools for measuring blown film.


  • BF200 Blown Film Gauging System—a non-contact, on-line system designed to measure film thickness after the lay-flat. Measuring film when it is flat gives you the most accurate measurement.


  • Precision Profiler—an off-line system used to measure the profile or shape of the finished product. This tool is used in your quality control lab to profile the thickness of your blown film.  A strip is taken from the roll to give a polar plot of bubble thickness.




Call SolveTech today to learn more about all our products for blown film measurement and thickness gauging! We look forward to hearing from you.


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