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Cross Web Profiling

Cross and Down Web Profiling


SolveTech’s thickness gauging technology is used to find the cross web and down web profile of blown film and cast film lines.  We offer tools for the production line and for the quality control lab as well.

SolveTech’s proprietary capacitance based technology measures web uniformity with higher accuracy and repeatability than anything else on the market.

We offer both on line and off line systems for measuring the thickness/basis weight of plastic film and coatings on plastic film.  We deliver the highest precision on the market and do not have a nuclear or x-ray source.

how to measure plastic film

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Products for the Lab

The PR2000 Precision Profiler

Profile a strip of plastic film to get a profile of the web in either direction.  This will show the web uniformity of the material and help you make adjustments to your extrusion process.  This unit delivers the highest level of accuracy and repeatability on the market.

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The SC1000 SpotChecker

The SC1000 is great for inspecting a sheet of film.  Simply place the material under the gauge head and get a reading of thickness or basis weight.

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Products For The Production Line

Measure Plastic Film Thickness

The MultiChannel Array Gauge

The MultiChannel Array Gauge measures paper like nothing else on the market.  Great for webs less than 60 inches wide.

This unit provides a the cross web profile for a cast film line every second.  This is hundreds of times faster than competing technologies.  In addition, it will allow you to see the down web or machine direction behavior.

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Blown Film Extrusion

The BF200 Blown Film Gauging System

The BF200 profiles a blown film bubble on line.  The unit is placed after the lay flat and uses the rotation of the bubble through the device to create the bubble thickness profile.

Easy to install, accurate and reliable.

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Paper Thickness Gauge-  Measure Paper Thickness – Basis Weight Uniformity of Paper

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