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Die Band Detection

The PR2000-DB is designed to detect die bands, die lines and gauge bands in plastic film

SolveTech’s has created a special version of the PR2000B Precision Profiler specifically for detecting high or low streaks in plastic film  commonly referred to as die bands, die lines or gauge bands.  The technology is highly precise and repeatable and does not contain any nuclear or x-ray hazards.

Die bands can be difficult to detect, and they can cause big problems for producers, converters, and consumers of plastic film.  A die line is often the cause of a plastic film bag failure because it creates a weak point in the film.

The PR2000-DB profiles the thickness of the film with market leading resolution.  Using a special 1/16″ wide footprint, it takes a reading every 1/32″.  It delivers this data at a scan rate of 1 inch per second.  The technology is fully compliant with ASTM D8136.

With this level of resolution, and a precision of 0.003 mils/0.075 micron, it can detect narrow die bands effectively.

Want to see if the PR2000 can detect your die bands?  Send us a sample for analysis.

Measure Plastic Sheet
Film testing being performed

Die line detection in plastic film

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More on the PR2000 Precision Profiler

The PR2000 Precision Profiler

The PR2000 is commonly used in the lab, but is built tough enough to be out on the production floor.  This unit is a work horse that delivers the highest level of accuracy and repeatability on the market.

Simply cut a sample of your film, run it through the device, and the PR2000 will deliver a highly detailed thickness profile of your web.  Helps you determine thickness variability, detect die lines, and the average thickness of your product.

Utilizes a NIST traceable calibration to deliver market leading accuracy even on difficult to calibrate films.

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Contact us today to have a technical discussion regarding your die band detection needs.  Our friendly technical experts will offer advice as to the best fit for your individual situation.





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