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Gauges for Pilot Lines

Plastic Film Thickness Gauging for Pilot Lines

Narrow Web Cast Film Lines and Laboratory Gauging Systems


SolveTech specializes in serving pilot line operations and research laboratories.  The technology is highly accurate and does not contain any nuclear or x-ray hazards, so the professionals in your lab are not in contact with any hazardous sources.  The high performance technology delivers accurate and precise data to your development team quickly and easily.

SolveTech’s proprietary capacitance based technology has some unique capabilities that make them very useful for research and narrow web applications.

On line, we offer the MultiChannel Array Gauge.  This gauge is well suited for R&D work because it creates a complete 3D profile of the web in real time.  This data can allow the user see how changes to the process affect thickness and uniformity with a high level of confidence.

SolveTech can customize these gauges to correspond to the exact configuration of the customer.  Additionally, they are easy to calibrate, allowing the user to make formulation changes and self calibrate the device for accuracy on any non-conductive material.

Off line, SolveTech offers the PR2000 Precision Profiler.  This can be used in blown film, cast film and polymer production.  This thickness profiler delivers accurate and repeatable data to help researchers characterize their film extrusion process.

plastic film thickness

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Products for the Lab

ASTM D6988

The PR2000 Precision Profiler

Profile a strip of plastic film to see the uniformity of the material in the cross web or down web direction.  This unit delivers the highest level of accuracy and repeatability on the market.  The data can be easily exported for further analysis by researchers and advanced data analysis systems.

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The SC1000 SpotChecker

The SC1000 is great for measuring materials that would be difficult to measure in an automated profiler.  For example, it can be used to measure films with adhesives on them or very brittle or delicate materials.  Simply place the material under the gauge head and get a reading of thickness or basis weight.

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Products For The Pilot Line

Measure Plastic Film Thickness

The MultiChannel Array Gauge

The MultiChannel Array Gauge measures narrow web plastic film lines like nothing else on the market.  It generates a 3D plot of the web in real time.  This allows the person running the line to get everything adjusted and on target quickly and easily.  This can be critical for runs that have a short duration or when working with highly valuable material.  It does not scan the web, but instead continuously monitors the entire web.

The device delivers accurate data can be easily exported for additional analysis.

Great for non-conductive webs less than 60 inches wide.

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Thin Film Thickness Gauge

The FX2100 Single Channel Gauging System

The FX2100 allows you to check a single spot on your web.  The gauge can be used to measure very narrow webs less than 1 inch wide, it can serve as a reference and be used for machine direction gauging.  Sizes and footprints are customizable, and it delivers accurate thickness data at high speed.

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Contact us today to have a technical discussion regarding gauges for your pilot line and research and development needs.  We can analyze your process and help you determine the right solution based on your needs.  We can also make recommendations for plastic film research labs that can help you develop your process.





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