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Measure the Thickness of Silicone Sheet

Measuring the Thickness of Silicone Sheet


Silicone Sheet Thickness MeasurementSolveTech’s  proprietary technology can measure the thickness of silicon sheet and film with a high level of precision.  Off-line, non-contact technology can offer a big advantage.  Since silicone is a soft material, measuring by contact methods can be difficult and not very precise or repeatable.  SolveTech can measure silicone sheet quickly, accurately and repeatably.

On-line, SolveTech can help with monitoring and controlling the calendaring process.  Whether you need a complete 3D map on the web or just to measure several points, SolveTech can customize a solution to meet your needs.  Achieve high precision measurements without a nuclear or x-ray source.  Our technology is “green” and non-hazardous.

SolveTech’s proprietary capacitance based technology allows us to provide silicone sheet producers with unique tools to help them understand the uniformity and behavior of their process.  Below are several key areas where SolveTech help silicone sheet producers:

  • On-Line Silicone Thickness Gauging – The Multichannel Array Gauge
    • Allows silicon sheet producers to quickly get on target using live bar graph of the silicone thickness across the web.
    • Creates a complete 3D map so you can see transverse direction and machine direction behavior
    • Live feedback control to adjust your calendar rollers
  • Off-Line Thickness Profiling for Silicone Sheet
    • The Profiler allows you to see the thickness variability of the silicone
    • Quickly run a sample for quality assurance purposes
    • See how process or formulation changes affect thickness uniformity
  • Machine Direction Gauging
    • High speed tools for diagnosing and identifying frequencies of behavior in the machine direction
    • See how process conditions improve MD variability
    • Improving the MD will typically improve the silicone’s performance



Contact us to discuss your silicone measurement needs, and we can see if we may be able to help you!   You can send us samples for testing to see how our technology can work on your silicone material.

High Speed Thickness Gauging
Plastic Film Testing

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Products for the Lab

ASTM D6988

The PR2000 Precision Profiler

Profile a strip of silicone to see the uniformity of the material in the cross web or down web direction.  This unit delivers the highest level of accuracy and repeatability on the market.  You can see how your extrusion is performing in great detail to see the affect of small incremental improvements.  Measuring the thickness without touching the material is critical for getting a precise and repeatable measurement for soft silicones.

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Products For The Production Line

Measure Plastic Film Thickness

The MultiChannel Array Gauge

The MultiChannel Array Gauge measures silicone and rubber sheet lines like nothing else on the market.  Great for webs less than 60 inches wide, and it provides a complete 3D map of your silicone thickness.   It helps silicone and rubber producers get on target quickly, monitor and control their process.

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Machine direction thickness gauge

Machine Direction Gauging Systems

SolveTech has innovative tools to help with machine direction analysis.  Improving machine direction uniformity helps improve the overall product performance and this can help you make very uniform silicon sheet.

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Contact us here, or call 1-302-798-5400 to have a technical discussion regarding your silicone thickness gauging application.  We can measure all flat materials that are non-conductive.





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