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Medical films

Measure Medical Films

SolveTech is the developer of high-tech, non-contact gauges for medical films.  From x-ray films to IV bags, SolveTech has the precision gauge to meet your production needs.

Medical films must be precisely gauged—there is no room for error when producing a product that has the ability to save or heal a person. SolveTech has worked for over three decades to ensure that its core measurement technology is the best and most accurate available on the market.


Products for Medical Films Gauging

SolveTech has three product lines that are ideal for the precision gauging of medical films. Each product has amazing accuracy and is guaranteed to be the best on the market.


  • Precision Profiler: For off-line product testing, the precision profiler is the ideal tool for quality control and features high-tech calibration tools as well as a software package to make it the best on the market.


  • Single/Dual Channel Gauging System: For on-line production gauging, this affordable tool measures along the edges of your web, and it is great for very narrow webs. The Single/Dual Channel Gauging System can also measure large-areas and unique footprints.


  • Multichannel Array Gauge: For narrow web that is less than 60 inches, the Multichannel Array Gauge provides 100-percent continuous coverage. This tool is fast, accurate and non-nuclear.


These products can also be used for other speciality films outside of the medical field.

Measure Medical Packaging
3D Mapping of Medical Film Thickness


Want to learn more? Call SolveTech Today To Discuss Your Medical Film Application

SolveTech provides gauging technology for a variety of industries. From medical films to blown films and other specialty film gauging, we are the experts at precise measurement! Call us today to learn more about our products, request a demo and consultation and to order our free sample analysis kit, so you can audit your end product. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!



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