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Non-Contact Thickness Measurements

High Precision, Non-Contact Thickness Gauges

For plastic film, nonwovens, ceramic tape, adhesives, and other non conductive materials

Non-contact thickness measurements are critical to many manufacturing processes. Whether you specialize in blown film extrusion or another plastic film extrusion process, using a non-contact thickness gauge will ensure your finished product has uniform thickness, is of the highest quality and is not damaged during the measurement process.

Non-Contact Thickness Measurements

SolveTech, Inc., is the leader in non-contact thickness measurements using capacitance technology.  Our tools and gauging systems are used by some of the biggest names in plastic film production.

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Why Non-Contact?

It simply is the most precise and repeatable method.  Using SolveTech’s non-contact thickness measurements system is the best way to determine the gauge of even the thinness plastic film. Our time-tested, innovative technologies allow you to measure the gauge of your film at various points in the manufacturing process from set-up to lay-flat to the final assessment in your quality control lab.  Using a non-contact gauge ensures your product is never damaged while also giving you an extremely accurate thickness measurement.


Non-contact thickness gauge


SolveTech’s Solutions

Since 1981, SolveTech, Inc. has been a leader in the design of non-contact thickness and basis weight gauging systems. Our tools are based on dielectric measurement principles. These measurement principles allow SolveTech to create cutting edge measurement tools that measure the size of the electric field created by the object, creating an accurate measurement of the thickness of even the finest gauge film.

Our most popular products include:

Our gauging systems are available for on and off line use for a variety of applications. We are always available to create custom solutions that fulfill your specific gauging or production need! Call us to discuss your application and for a free thickness measurement analysis! We look forward to working with you!




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