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Plastic Film QC

Ensuring that your plastic film QC lab has the most precise and accurate thickness gauging systems is critical. SolveTech, Inc., the nation’s leading provider of non-contact thickness gauges has the perfect solutions for your plastic film QC lab.

Plastic film QC


The Importance of Quality Control

Quality control is a critical step in your plastic film manufacturing process. Not only does this step ensure your finished product is uniform and on target, it also provides a controlled setting for tracking any variances within your finished plastic or polyester film.  When variances are discovered, that data can be used to determine cause whether human error, material failure or equipment malfunction. Quality control helps you discover small problems before those problems grow into large problems.

The plastic film QC lab is also the place where customers can turn when faced with a product question. Using precise gauging tools within the lab can ensure your staff is able to address customer concerns quickly and with knowledge.

SolveTech’s Comprehensive QC Lab Solutions

Plastic Film QCSolveTech has developed several gauging solutions ideal for use in your quality control lab. Our off-line systems include:

All of SolveTech’s solutions include compatible software that tracks, manages and analyzes gauge data.

Beyond the Lab

Plastic film quality control can happen all throughout the production process. SolveTech has several tools available for use at the start of production, during the lay-flat and at other times during the process. Our on-line tools include:

Like our off-line solutions, all of SolveTech’s on-line solutions can be customized and are non-contact, ensuring your product is not damaged during gauging.

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