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Polyester Film Thickness

Measure Polyester Film Thickness

SolveTech offers the highest performance polyester film gauges on the market.

Measure Polyester Film

The measurement of polyester film thickness is critical throughout the production and quality control process.   SolveTech offers several thickness gauging products that are excellent tools for measuring the thickness of polyester film in the lab and on the production line.  These thickness gauging systems can be used by a producer to help with production, or a person purchasing material that needs to do an inspection.

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Without proper measurement, you risk manufacturing and selling polyester film with defects and inconsistencies in thickness.  Since the finished polyester film thickness is typically  small and has a tight tolerance, it is difficult to spot inconsistencies with the naked eye or without sophisticated tools.

Using a non-contact polyester film thickness gauge in pre-production set-up, during the lay flat or in your quality control lab, can help you ensure uniform thickness and superior finished products. Routinely checking film thickness can also help you determine if your equipment or materials needs to be adjusted or replaced.

Types and Applications of Polyester Film

Polyester film is cast or extruded into thin film sheets. There are several types of polyester film sheets including:

  • Plain
  • Anti-static
  • Adhesion treated
  • Metal
  • Barrier coated

This sheets have several applications for a variety of industries and in a variety of products,  including:

  • Computer monitor and TV displays
  • Credit cards, prepaid telephone cards, bank cards, transit fare cards and IDs
  • Coating on photography printing paper
  • Coating of labels for a variety of productions
  • Magnetic recording media such as cassette tapes, floppy disks, hard disk systems
  • Packaging—food packaging, medical packaging and electronic packaging
  • Medical devices and supplies such as test strips, x-ray films and more
  • Industrial applications that require a heat resistant product
  • Glass covering such as darkening and UV protection

No matter what the application, the polyester film thickness must be uniform to ensure proper performance as well as to keep production costs low.

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Products for Measuring Polyester Film in the Lab

The PR2000 Precision Profiler

Profile a strip of polyester film to see the uniformity of the material in the cross web or down web direction.  This unit delivers the highest level of accuracy and repeatability on the market, typically down to +/-0.1% of the polyester thickness.

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The SC1000 SpotChecker

The SC1000 is great for inspecting a sheet of polyester or looking at the thickness of adhesives or coatings on polyester.  Simply place the material under the gauge head and get a reading of thickness or basis weight.

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Products For Measuring Polyester Film Production Line

Measure Plastic Film Thickness

The MultiChannel Array Gauge

The MultiChannel Array Gauge measures you polyester film web like nothing else on the market.  It provides full continuous coverage for webs less than 60 inches wide and is typically precise to better than 0.01 mils/ 0.25 micron.

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Machine direction thickness gauge

The MD2000 Machine Direction Gauging System

The MD2000 allows you do on line machine direction analysis of your polyester film web.  Simply the best tool on the market for machine direction analysis due to its high precision, high speed, customized measurement footprint and special software features.

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Thin Film Thickness Gauge

The FX2100 Single Channel Gauging System

The FX2100 allows you to check a single spot on your polyester film web.  Great for a reference and looking at coating and adhesives.  Sizes and footprints are customizable.

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Non-Contact Gauging For Polyester Film.


With over 38 years of experience, SolveTech, Inc is the leader in core measurement and on-contact thickness and basis weight gauging systems for manufacturers. Our tools ensure your polyester film thickness is precise and provide you will ongoing data that can be used to analyze inconsistencies in your production process. Call us today to learn more and for a free sample analysis!





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