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Six Sigma for Plastic Film Production

Lean Six Sigma for Plastic Film Producers

Six Sigma for Plastic FilmSix Sigma is a process that can create positive change in an organization, and create consumer confidence in a producer.  For a plastic film producer, producing film with Six Sigma quality is only possible with the right measurement tools.

SolveTech specializes in measuring the average thickness and thickness variability of plastic film.  Our devices can profile plastic film and provide the data necessary to do a statistical analysis of the film production process.  Having a good data collection method is critical, and many other gauging systems are not able to provide this for a number of reasons.

In addition, our products help producers run Lean.  Lean operation requires a number of factors including reducing waste but also not restricting production.  This means that your quality control system needs to be fast in order to avoid the creation of the restriction.

We have designed our products with this in mind.    Our PR2000 Precision Profiler is a laboratory plastic film thickness profiler that delivers the statistics you need including the sigma value.  Data can also be exported to Excel or a text file for further analysis and data management.  The device reliably scans the product quickly, minimizing operator time, effort and error.

For a plastic film extrusion process, Six Sigma may be over the top, but two sigma or three sigma may make more sense.  Whatever the goal, using a statistical approach often creates results.  Have the right tools and measurement science partner can help you meet your continuous improvement goals.

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Our Lab Device for Providing Statistical Data

Measure Plastic Sheet

The PR2000 Precision Profiler

The PR2000 is commonly used in the lab, but is built tough enough to be out on the production floor.  This unit is a work horse that delivers the highest level of accuracy and repeatability on the market.

Simply cut a sample of your film, and the PR2000 will deliver a highly detailed thickness profile of the material.  Helps you determine thickness variability, detect die lines, and the average thickness of your product as well as the sigma value.

Utilizes a NIST traceable calibration to deliver market leading accuracy even on difficult to calibrate films.

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Six Sigma for Plastic Film Production – Lean Plastic Film Production – Continuous Improvement for Plastic Film

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