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The BF200 System: The Best in On-line Blown Film Gauging

Blown film is at the heart of plastics production, and here at SolveTech, we know the impact blown film production has had on the plastics industry over the decades. For over four decades, our passion has been to push the boundaries of gauging technology, and deliver innovations in gauging systems for the betterment of the industry and the benefit of our customers.

BF200 SystemSolveTech’s instruments have worked their way to being the gauging standard for the top 20 plastics manufacturers in North America.

The scope of the innovation we’ve seen at SolveTech is evident in the uniqueness and unprecedented efficiency of our BF200 system: our on-line blown film gauge. Let’s take a closer look to better understand how SolveTech is changing the gauging game.

How the BF200 System is Taking the Spotlight

The impact the BF200 Blown Film Gauging System has had on gauging technology can be seen in how significantly it improves on standard gauging features. We took those standard features, and expanded and innovated to create a workhorse of gauging potential. With the BF200, you can always anticipate:

When you choose a BF200 gauging system for your manufacturing line, you’re choosing a path of enhanced efficiency, across the board. Specifically, you’re choosing:

If you would like more information on the benefits of our BF200 system, or would like to receive a free sample thickness analysis, contact us right away and we’ll get you started.



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