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June 29, 2017

Quality Assurance of Blown Film Gauging Adds Value in 3 Major Areas

blown film gauging There are multiple benefits of blown film gauging, the main and obvious advantage being the accurate measurement of plastic film thickness. For engineers, manufacturers and other plastic film buyers, there is more than simply precise measurement to add value in the process of blown film gauging.

Learn how a new standard in the measurement of the thickness of plastic film is not only being met but exceeding the expectations of buyers by adding benefits in improving sustainability, reducing variability and ultimately leading to cost effectiveness by cutting material cost.

ASTM Test Method and Precision Blown Film Gauging

A new ASTM International standard (WK54333) will ensure improved quality control for measuring plastic film, which in turn will vastly affect precision in cross web and machine direction. It’s a welcome protocol for blown film plants that depend on accuracy in on-line and off-line blown film extrusion.

SolveTech, a 36-year industry leader in gauging technology for the plastic film industry, and ATSM member has the perfected capability to meet the latest ASTM blown film gauging standard. In fact, the precision and accuracy of the PR2000 offers calibration and software to assess an entire bubble in 30 to 60 seconds and is effective enough that most blown film plants only require a single unit to cover the needs of an entire operation.

Quality Assurance of Blown Film Gauging Adds Value in 3 Major Areas

It’s clear that the ASTM standard paves the way for refined quality control, accuracy, and speed related to point-to-point measurement, but is there more value to add to producers and buyers? Yes!

Check out 3 Advantages of SolveTech’s Blown Film Gauging Capabilities:

  1. Improved Sustainability – it’s the future of the plastic film industry. As the demand increasingly calls for sustainable products, ultra-thin film gauging systems need to be able to measure as meticulously and finite – as precise as 0.025 microns. SolveTech’s ability to meet definitive measurement variability exceeds the standard and maximizes the sustainability efforts of blown film production.
  2. Reduce Variability – again, as new standards of plastic film production involve thinner and higher quality, the need for precision in measurement becomes progressively more important. Dirt, dust and other contaminates are always a threat to a blown film plants need to maintain speed in production, while harnessing the capacity for decisive thickness measurement – down to plus or minus one micron. SolveTech’s blown gauging has the capability to accomplish that goal.
  3. Cost Effectiveness – ultimately, when you have a method of blown film gauging that literally levels the playing field (and plastic film) like SolveTech does, cost effectiveness is an automatic byproduct. Material use and waste are significantly minimized while capturing any miscalibration is constantly corrected. The combination results in saving time and money.

If you’d like more information on how to achieve the best results for blown film gauging or consulting regarding quality control measures for your blown film plant, contact us today.

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