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Choosing The Right Tool For Gauging The Caliper Of Film

Plastic Film Calipers


Plastic Film CaliperIn your industry, precision and quality are among the highest priorities.  Whether you are working with blown or cast film products, you need to be able to gauge and guarantee the accuracy of your work.  In order to ensure the right caliper for film production, you need a profiling tool you can count on to give you consistent and precise data about your product.  At SolveTech, we understand the challenge that this can create for manufacturers like you.  So, we want to help you choose the best possible tool for ensuring an accurate caliper for film production.

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The PR2000 is a non contacting plastic film caliper that is easy to use and very precise.  It also fully complies with new ASTM standard D8136.

Caliper For FilmWhen you are trying to decide on the right gauging tool, there are several important questions you need to ask yourself about your own needs, as well as about the capabilities of tools you are considering.  These questions include:

Asking these questions is an important step in selecting the best tool to ensure consistent caliper for film production.  As you make your considerations, be sure to check out the many gauging options available from SolveTech.  Contact our gauging experts today to find out the answers to some of the questions above.  You can reach us at or by calling 302-798-5400.




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