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Measuretech For Plastic Film Gauging

Looking for an alternative to the expensive MeasureTech tools for plastic film gauging? Look no farther than SolveTech’s comprehensive array of tools for plastic film gauging. We offer the most innovate and accurate gauging technology in the world. If you are shopping for MeasureTech, consider SolveTech as your go-to solution for accurate, value-added gauging technology.



About SolveTech

SolveTech has over 30 years of experience developing and bringing superior plastic film gauging technology to plastic film manufacturers around the world. SolveTech and MeasureTech specialize in thickness gauging system for plastic and other non-conductive materials such as ceramics and paper. Our comprehensive product line includes products for both on-line and in-process gauging, as well as tools for quality control and customer service.


All tools offered are non-contact ensuring that your product is not damaged or marred during production or during quality control assessments. Our tools include:


We also also manufactures custom solutions. If you are not sure which tool fits your needs, call us today to discuss the application and find the system that is fit for you. We look forward to speaking with you!

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