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March 22, 2017

SolveTech Releases New Method for Measuring Stretch Film in the Lab


3/22/2017- Wilmington DE –  Stretch film has been very difficult for people to measure off line, and SolveTech has created a new method that is easy to use.  This method allows users to measure stretch film off line with minimal problems.

You can see the video of the technique here:

This technique will allow film producers to profile their film and identify the amount of variation in their material.  Using multiple layers of film, the sample is now stable and easy to analyze with SolveTech’s PR2000 Profiler.  This is also a great way to detect die lines in the film.

Measuring a Single Layer vs Multiple Layers

To demonstrate the accuracy of the technique, we carefully ran a single layer of film and overlaid that graph with the graph of the five layers of film.  This showed us that the five layer scan accurately represented the thickness variability of a single layer scan.

Stretch Film Thickness

When measuring multiple layers of film, there can be air bubbles entrapped between the layers.  If the user were to try to do a physical measurement with a micrometer, they would have difficulty getting an accurate measurement due to the entrapped air.  The SolveTech gauge is able to ignore the air bubbles in the roll, so therefore this is not a problem.


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