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Package Testing To Save Costs and Lessen Risk

Package testing is of the utmost importance not just for durability, but can also save on costs and save from your company from the possibility of having to do product recalls, and may even help avoid legal action.

Package TestingAt SolveTech, we understand this dilemma. For over four decades, we have been providing solutions, testing equipment, and even setting the industry standards for gauging testing.  SolveTech has focused on making capacitance gauging technology for the plastics industry and other non conductive materials, and we have always valued our customers as our top priority! That’s why we have not only offered the best products but also many different resources to help you with your package testing.

Go for the Best In the Business for Your Package Testing

Want to know if your film application can be tested by our equipment? No problem! We have thickness gauges for many types of film and sheet extrusion applications. We test materials such as:

  1. Blown Film – Check out our BF200 Blown Film On-Line Gauging System, which is easy to use and economical. Get accurate data without the fuss!
  2. Cast Film – Innovative solutions for both laboratory and on line use, unique to the marketplace. For lab testing, check out our Precision Profiler, which is considered by many a must-have!
  3. Other Specialty Films, including ceramics, converting, medical/specialty, nonwovens, and general/other. We can take a look at your application and even design custom gauging solutions for your specific needs.

At SolveTech, we make testing your packaging an easy and stress-free process! Speak with one of our engineers or sales associates today at 302-798-5400 or email:

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