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Plastic Extruders

SolveTech is the leading developer and manufacturer of high precision thickness gauging tools for plastic extruders and other film manufacturing techniques, including ceramics, non-wovens and papers. For over 30 years, SolveTech has been the leader in the design and application of both on and off line, non-contact thickness and basis weight gauging systems. We work hard innovate and develop products specifically for our portfolio of customers.

Plastic Extruders

Plastics Extruders and Other Applications

SolveTech’s gauging machines and systems have numerous applications for a variety of manufacturing processes and plastic extruders, including:


Comprehensive Suite of Products

SolveTech is an expert at the film extrusion manufacturing process. We know there are many points during the plastic extruders manufacturing process that film thickness integrity can be jeopardized. Our suite of non-contact, thickness gauges can be used for a variety of applications in a variety of settings. From providing measurement tools in your quality control lab to checking gauging at set-up, SolveTech has the tools you need to measure a variety of products.


Our products include:

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Plastic Extruders | Plastic Extruder

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