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SolveTech: Industry Experts In Plastic Film Testing Gauging Systems


In the plastics industry, there is a need for accurate thickness measurements for the plastic films you produce.  If your gauging systems lack the accuracy and precision you need, this will cost you money, quality, and durability of your product. SolveTech has set industry standards for nearly four decades, and they continue to dedicate finding new solutions for their customers.

Our premier product is our Precision Profiler Thickness Gauging System. If you’re looking for the most accurate measurements with plastic film testing then we have a worldwide standard product for you!


An Investment in Plastic Film Testing


During your manufacturing process you need to be able to ensure the uniformity of your product without wasting your time or your money.  If you’re looking for an off line gauging system that will continually maintain the thickness and makeup for your product then invest in the Precision Profiler Thickness Gauging System!

With the Precision Profiler™ Thickness Gauging System you get:

The PR2000 is also utilized for testing of plastic films and inspection of packaging materials.  This gives the purchaser the ability to find defects in the product before it becomes an issue.

The PR2000 gives you the edge in the plastics industry by documenting the areas that need to be troubleshooted so you can provide a high quality product, analyze cross web profiles for every roll, prints out thickness and quality control reports, and quickly troubleshoots customer complaints.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our industry leading gauging systems contact us at 302.798.5400 or email us at:

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