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High Precision Thickness Gauging

Measuring Plastic Film Requires Precision

And SolveTech Technology Delivers


SolveTech, based in Wilmington, Delaware, is the leading manufacturer of high precision gauging tools for the plastics film industry.  SolveTech has over 4 decades of experience creating solutions for basis weight and thickness gauging.  Off-line we are able to achieve precision down to +/- 0.001 mils (+/- 25 nanometers) with the PR2000 Precision Profiler.

high precision


High Precision Gauging Applications

Our gauges work for a variety of applications including:



SolveTech Solutions

SolveTech offers a variety of on and off-line solutions for high precision gauging. All of our tools are non-contact, meaning they will not damage your product. Our products also include access to comprehensive data analysis software. Our most popular products include:


If you don’t see the tool you need, please contact us. We offer several high precision solutions and can provide custom measurement head sizes.  SolveTech also offers a free sample analysis! Call us today to learn more and to request a product demo.



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