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High Speed Thickness Gauging

High Speed Thickness Gauging

For Plastic Film, Nonwovens and Coatings on These Materials


SolveTech has the highest speed thickness gauging technology on the market.  Taking a reading at precision 100 times per second, the SolveTech FX2100 on-line gauging system can see things that other gauging technology can’t.

Off-line, SolveTech’s PR2000 Precision Profiler measures film every 1/8″ at a rate of 3 inches per second, taking 24 readings per second.  It does this while complying with ASTM D8136 and delivering an R&R of ~3%.

SolveTech’s proprietary capacitance based technology allows us to provide engineers with unique tools to help them see film thickness at high speed on and off-line.  Some of our key products include:



  • Machine Direction Gauging
    • High speed tools for diagnosing and identifying frequencies of behavior in the machine direction
    • See how process conditions improve MD variability
    • Improving the MD will typically allow for more uniform film in the TD.


  • High Speed Off-Line Thickness Profiling
    • The PR2000 Precision Profiler allows you to see the variability of the extrusion quickly, saving time for you operators and QC staff.
    • The ease and speed of use allow for more frequent quality checks.  This often results in a reduction in scrap because problems are caught quickly.


Contact us to discuss your high speed thickness gauging application, and we can see if we may be able to help you!

High Speed Thickness Gauging
Plastic Film Testing

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Products for the Lab

ASTM D6988

The PR2000 Precision Profiler

Profile a strip of film to see the uniformity of the material in the cross web or down web direction.  This unit delivers the highest level of accuracy and repeatability on the market.  You can see how your extrusion is performing in great detail to see the affect of small incremental improvements.  Great for blown film and cast film lines.

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Products For The Production Line

Measure Plastic Film Thickness

The MultiChannel Array Gauge

The MultiChannel Array Gauge measures research cast film lines like nothing else on the market.  Great for film webs less than 60 inches wide, and it provides a complete 3D map of your film thickness.   It helps researchers get the die set up quickly which is very helpful for small batch runs.

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Machine Direction Gauging Systems

SolveTech has innovative tools to help with high speed machine direction analysis.  Improving machine direction uniformity helps improve transverse direction uniformity and this can help you make very flat film.  The machine direction is also commonly referred to as down web in some film processes.

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Machine direction thickness gauge

Customized High Speed Single Channel Gauging

Whether you want to measure a web as narrow as 1 inch, or you want to look at one area on a wider web, SolveTech has innovative tools to help you measure your film thickness at high speed.  We offer customizable footprint sizes for the sensing area, and software tools to allow you to look at the data in multiple time domains.

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Contact us here, or call 1-302-798-5400 to have a technical discussion regarding measuring plastic film at high speed.





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