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Laser Thickness Measurement Alternative

A Great Alternative To Laser Thickness Measurements For Thin Materials


Whether you are producing materials to be sold, or receiving materials from a seller, it is imperative that any weaknesses or defects are detected in your material as soon as possible.Non Contact Thickness Gauge

The required specifications that correlate with materials such as plastic films, coatings, and other non-conductive substances can easily be measured with a host of capacitance-based gauges. These non contact gauges prove to be the greatest alternatives to laser thickness measurements in plastic film production.

For a range of application areas such as blown film, cast film, ceramics,
and even custom applications, there are various accurate non-radioactive measurement system options.


SolveTech Offers Better Options Than Laser Thickness Measurement


SolveTech provides reliable, highly responsive measurement systems.  With upwards of 13  applications, we have the reciprocal product and easy-to-use software to give you the data necessary for making your material trustworthy and lucrative.

We offer unprecedented value and satisfaction to our customers.  If you are interested in having the convenience of these systems on your production floor or in your quality lab, visit our website today!


You can also give us a call at 302-798-5400 or email us directly at


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