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Measurement Device That Complies with D6988

The SolveTech PR2000 Complies with ASTM Standard D6988


Looking for a device that fully complies with ASTM Standard D6988?  We utilize our proprietary thickness gauging technology in innovative ways to help QA and production to visualize their extrusion process with incredible detail and precision.  Since users are often in close and frequent proximity to the equipment, it is an added bonus that the technology does not contain any nuclear or x-ray hazards.

ASTM D6988 – 13 is the Standard Guide for Determination of Thickness of Plastic Film Test Specimens.  It focuses on contact thickness devices, but also allows for non-contact devices as well as long as they comply with the standard.  The SolveTech PR2000 meets this criteria, while measuring film at higher speed and precision than contact devices.  It is also much less affected by dust and dirt, which is an issue mentioned regarding contact devices four times in D6988.

SolveTech’s proprietary capacitance based technology allows us to provide plastic film companies with unique tools to help them understand the uniformity and behavior of their plastic film extrusion processes.

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Products for the Lab

ASTM D6988

The PR2000 Precision Profiler

Our top selling product meets all of the requirements of D6988 while measuring your material quickly and precisely.  Profile a strip of film to see the uniformity of the material in the cross web or down web direction.  This unit delivers the highest level of accuracy and repeatability on the market.  It is great for blown film and cast film QA and production support.

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Non Contact Micrometer

The SC1000 SpotChecker

The SC1000 is great for inspecting a sheet of material that can be difficult to measure with a contact device.  Simply place the material under the gauge head and get a reading of thickness or basis weight.  This the preferred method for materials that may have adhesive or that are very delicate, and it complies with the requirements of D6988.

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SolveTech, Inc

ASTM D6988 – Plastic Film Thickness Gauge that Meets ASTM Standards

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