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Plastic Film Thickness Gauging

Looking to measure the thickness of your plastic film?


Plastic Film Thickness
Plastic Film Thickness Profile

SolveTech has all the tools you need to accurately and precisely gauge plastic film thickness for both blown film and cast film processes. SolveTech specializes in high performance technology for the  measurement of plastic film and other non-conductive materials on line and in the lab.  The thickness of thin films is easily and accurately measured using our gauging technology.

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Plastic Film Thickness GaugingWatch our laboratory gauge, The PR2000  in action above.  This system is used for measuring a cross-web or machine direction thickness profile for your plastic film.

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SolveTech plastic film gauging systems are non-contacting, so they will not damage your material. Our systems can be used at various stages in your production process. Measure Plastic Film ThicknessFrom the setup of the die measured from the lay-flat to the final quality control assessment, SolveTech has the tools that will help your plastic film production to become more efficient and produce a high quality product.  In some cases, customers are able to reduce variability and down gauge their material. 

Our MultiChannel Array Gauge is shown to the right.  It is perfect for measuring the thickness of cast film on lines with narrow webs.  It has found a strong niche in many plastic film R&D labs.


Understanding Plastic Film

Plastic Film ThicknessThe most common method of plastic film manufacturing is the blown film process.  This process involves pushing plastic through a circular die and then the film expands up into a bubble. This can produce flat or gusset tubing and also supports the regulation of film width and thickness by controlling the extrusion process.

 Blown film  extrusion can produce a quality and uniform product; however there are opportunities within the process when uniformity can be jeopardized. By employing a tool to precisely measure the film thickness of the plastic, you can ensure that your end product is uniform throughout your entire product run and you are doing a good job of hitting target thickness.


SolveTech Thickness Gauging Tools

SolveTech has developed the technology for a number of plastic film thickness gauging solutions. Our two tools specifically for blown film thickness measurement are the BF200 Blown Film Gauging System and the Precision Profiler.  Both systems are extremely accurate and always highly precise. Like all SolveTech systems, the BF200 and the Precision Profiler are non-contact and measure film thickness without jeopardizing your product mid-production or post-production.


Plastic Film Gauge
BF200 Blown Film Gauging System

The BF200 system is an on-line system that is designed to measure plastic film thickness during or after the lay-flat process.  This blown film thickness gauge uses the rotation of the die or the haul off to profile the film in real time.

The BF200 is the highest precision after the lay-flat gauge on the market.  It is also linear, and many times producers can use a low calibration recipe count due to the technology’s response correlating well to actual thickness.  –




Plastic Film Thickness Gauge
PR2000 Precision Profiler for Measuring Film in the Lab

The Precision Profiler is the off-line system for quality control in the lab.   It helps QC departments regulate and assess any abnormalities.  It takes a thickness reading every 0.125″ to deliver a complete picture of the die for film lines.

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