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Thickness Gages

SolveTech specializes in thickness gages for plastic films and other materials.  For four decades, SolveTech has been a leader in thickness gauging systems and thickness gauges that are non-contact, precise and accurate.

Thickness Gages


Thickness gauges have many applications for various types of film and sheet extrusions, including:



SolveTech makes specialized gauging systems for each of these applications.


Specialized Products

The SolveTech gauging technology is top of the line and always provides precision results. Our most popular systems include:


An off-line system with amazing accuracy and guaranteed to be the best available. It includes simple calibrations tools and use-friendly software, making it an essential tool for your quality control department


A non-contact, on-line system that measures film thickness after the lay-flat process. This tool has complex features that are easy to use.


SolveTech can create custom measurement heads to match custom gauging requirements.


This is the first gauging system of its kind that is dedicated to down-web quality and diagnostics to monitor, characterize and diagnose any variabilities in target thickness.


This tool is on on-line thickness gaging tools that measures narrow web or along-the-edge of larger web.

This gauge spot checks the thickness and basis weight of thin, sticky or soft materials in either production setup or quality control labs.


The Standard in Gauging: SolveTech

SolveTech is the standard in precision thickness gauging for the plastics industry. We developed the first generation of gauges in 1986 to test the variability in thickness on polyester film lines. Since then, SolveTech has enhanced and fine tuned plastic film gauging technology to the highest level of performance on the market.
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Thickness Gauges | Thickness Gauges

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