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SolveTech Services 

SolveTech offers testing services, calibration services, equipment inspections and on-site support and training.

We respond quickly to get you the services you need, and we offer some testing services that are unique to the market because they utilize our proprietary equipment.

If you are not sure which option will fit your needs, call us to discuss your application or complete our Information Request Form.

Our Services

Plastic Film Testing

Plastic Film Thickness, Variability and Density Testing Services

SolveTech utilizes a NIST traceable calibration and our highly repeatable instrument, the PR2000, to provide you with the most accurate thickness and variability testing services available for plastic film.

We can analyze your film in both the cross web and machine direction.  Great for inspecting your process, incoming material inspection or comparing plastic film vendors.

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Certified Calibration Frames

If you have a SolveTech PR2000, SolveTech can provide you with a NIST traceable calibration frame.  If you material is durable, we can make one from you material, or we can offer a polyester reference frame.

Simply insert the frame and calibrate the device for your material.

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Equipment Inspections

SolveTech recommends that you send your PR2000 in for an inspection every five years.    We offer reasonable inspection fees with 24 hour turnaround times.  We know your equipment is critical to your operation, and we take great care to get it back to you quickly.

This inspection verifies that your equipment is in working order.  Note, calibration is a separate service and the user can self calibrate or use one of our certified frames.

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Repair Services and On Site Support

Send your equipment in for repair, and in some cases, we can turn it around in as little as 24 hours.  We can also offer an on site engineer to help you with training and troubleshooting.

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Contact us today to have a technical discussion regarding your plastic film testing needs.  Our friendly technical experts will offer advice as to the best fit for your individual situation.





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